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Road to Emmaus

Our Easter journey continues, this time on the road to Emmaus, where the disciples asked, "Are not our hearts burning with his love!" Fr. Dan Riley, o...View Details

Rise Anew This Easter

Happy Easter! It's a time of rising and light in our world and in our lives. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, invites us to set free from those dark things in our ...View Details

Intimacy of Holy Thursday

Jesus gives us a model to follow in washing each other's feet. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, reflects on the intimacy and simplicity of Holy Thursday.  To learn...View Details

Walk the Way

As we try to find our way this Holy Week, it's OK to not know the path, as Thomas Merton prayed. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, invites us to listen more deeply ...View Details

As we walk into Holy Week, let's stop, look and listen to find our way, sense and purpose. Sure, we may not often know the way, as Thomas Merton once ...View Details

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