Gaze Upon the Cross

St. Clare invites us to gaze upon the cross. In this second mini-series podcast about Clare, Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, guides us through some of her writing...View Details

As we celebrate the Feast of St. Francis, Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, invites us into the first of a series of podcasts about St. Clare and her life, ways and...View Details

Bringing People Together

We're invited to congregate with each other and enjoy the fullness of God together. We're asked to move beyond gates and barriers to experience the Go...View Details

We're invited to take a deep walk into life and risk believing it's a life of great joy and nourishment (amid goodness and difficulties). Fr. Dan Rile...View Details

The Call to Leadership

We're called into leadership in many ways in our lives, including by Jesus. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, offers this reflection inviting us into leadership, li...View Details

As patterns of in-person community start to re-emerge in our country, Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, offers this reflection about recent Sunday Gospels and how w...View Details

In our daily lives, we're sometimes preoccupied with perfection. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, shares this reflection inviting us to think differently, more sim...View Details

We Are Easter People

Alleluia! God is light and Jesus has risen. As we move into the Easter season, Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, shares this reflection. Music, "Now the Green Blade...View Details

We rise up this season, like creation awakening in spring, to be attentive to God's word and presence in our lives. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, shares this re...View Details

Come Follow Me

As we move into fresh new starts in this new year, Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, shares this reflection about Jesus saying, "Come follow me." Music, "Echo Of Yo...View Details

Epiphany Light

As we close out the Christmas season, Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, shares this reflection about the Epiphany. Music, "Awakening," by Fr. Cyprian Consiglio (use...View Details

The wonder of God's love dawns upon this Christmas! Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, shares this Christmas reflection as we follow the star of Bethlehem. Music, "L...View Details

Present to the Season

Amid our incomplete lives, we're invited to settle in and hear the call of this Advent time. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, welcomes us into this journey togethe...View Details

In a world of strain and strife these days, we're called to the light and hope of Advent. We do not know when the light of Christ will enter our lives...View Details

Contemplation is not a stoppage, but an opening to love, peace and quiet. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, invites us into this reflection on contemplation during ...View Details

In this era of place, position, power and pandemic, the model and spirit of St. Francis calls us to something different. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, shares th...View Details

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