In our 200th podcast on the Feast of St. Clare, Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, invites us to gaze, consider and contemplate the light and love around us. Music, ...View Details

There are things that drive us nuts in life! Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, invites us to be open-hearted and receptive to God's word and presence. Music, "Jesus...View Details

The Body of Christ is open to all of us. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, invites us to encounter God as He dwells within us, including through the intimacy of med...View Details

Finding the Spirit of God

We celebrate the coming of the spirit on Pentecost, so Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, invites us to make room for that which is given -- the spirit! Music, "Come...View Details

Acceptable and Loved

We hear how acceptable everyone is -- we're "all in" in this life as God loves us and accepts us. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, shares passages from John's Gosp...View Details

Jesus asks us to remain in Him -- just as a branch cannot bear fruit unless it remains on the vine. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, invites us to hear the promise...View Details

The Good Shepherd

Let the image of the Good Shepherd dwell within us! Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, reminds us that we're all called to be good shepherds in our lives to others. ...View Details

Love Surrounds Us

There's no confining mercy because love is freedom. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, invites us to see the truth of God's mercy within His love. Music, "The Love o...View Details

Reflecting on Holy Week

Happy Easter! As Holy Week has now passed, Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, shares a few reflections about his experiences of Holy Week, especially visiting other ...View Details

Give Up Who We Are

Life is about claiming relationships with each other, but that often means giving ourselves up, perhaps even through suffering. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, ch...View Details

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