Archive for September 2014

Pausing to Participate

Finding time amid our crazy schedules for peace can be a challenge. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, takes this opportunity to conjoin us together in reflection. T...View Details

Discovering Our Unity

As Thomas Merton wrote,  we discover that we are already one, but we imagine that we are not. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, shares a reflection about unity whil...View Details

Brilliance of the Cross

Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, invites us to gaze upon and ponder the cross when we have leisure or in other times of quiet. To learn more about Mt. Irenaeus Fra...View Details

Spirit of Renewal

It's a time of renewal as we move into autumn. Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, shares a reflection about being open to the new breath of life coming to us right n...View Details

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